Ballad of a Bottom Feeder (a love story)

from by Andre Karpov

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In the company of urchins, and abalone
It's easy to get lonely.
With their spiny skin, and hardened shells,
whether or not they're feeling, I can't tell.
Let them be angry, let them be sad,
I am a happy hermit crab.
Insignificantly small, on the bottom I feed and crawl.
One evening crawling home after hours,
I came upon a beautiful flower.
I said, "I've never seen a flower bloom, way down here in the dreary gloom."
She quickly attached herself to me and said, "I'm not a flower, I'm an anemone."
I couldn't really complain too much, she had a soft and warm tender touch.
I was just about to tell her how happy she made me feel, when I was rudely interrupted by a Moray Eel. My first instinct was to go in my shell and hide, but I felt more courageous with her on my side.
I stood my ground as he raised her tentacles high, and stung that see monster right between the eyes!
Away he slunk, miserable and defeated. I could not have done alone, what together we did.
Now she stands guard and keeps away, those predators who on us prey.
Food is scarce, but when it's there, a delicious feast, we like to share.
I have few friends and many foes, but I'm never lonely with my anemone close.
As the seaweed gently sways above, we travel below bonded in love.
An anemone is not an enemy.


from a Great Love, released November 17, 2013



all rights reserved


Andre Karpov San Francisco, California

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