Other People

from by Andre Karpov

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Other People

C                             F C                                                          
Other people like other things
other people dreaming other dreams  
C F C            
all those other nights all those other days.                                  
G                             C
just other people living life another way

other people like red meat
other people like veggies to eat                                            
although other people have different tastes                                
at the table I sit there will always be a place for other people,
other people  


other people speak different tongues
other people playing other games for fun
don't let it bother you, don't be upset if the jokes that you tell
other people don't get.
because other people,
they can be cruel. they can cool.

Other people make other plans,
of your precious time other people demand
Other people are pulling on me
I pull in return, but there is no breaking free from other people,
other people

All those other, other other other other ones,
Latveski, Swedish, Hungarian
All those other, other, other, other other ones
Pomo, Shoshone, Peruvian
All those other other other other other ones.
Eygyptian, Palestine, Ethiopian
All those other other other other ones
like me and you are human.

I love you man

I love you man


from a Great Love, released November 17, 2013
Andre Karpov, vocals, guitar
Oscar Westesson, stand-up bass
Jarod Hermann, drums



all rights reserved


Andre Karpov San Francisco, California

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